Programs & Sessions

Below you’ll find information regarding our ongoing training programs. We’re currently offering a spring hockey camp along with Junior and Senior Rep Prep Camps.

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Two Way Hockey offers several different camps from power skating, stick handling to shooting. Each camp we focus on effective execution and form; we break down each drill to ensure our students are following every step of the way.

Additionally, we are now offering private and semi-private training lessons. This is nothing like our general camps – as each session is geared towards specific student needs. This can be a 1on1 session or a small group. If this interests you, send us an email.

2021 Summer Sunday Skates

Two Way Hockey is returning with it’s 8-week Sunday Skates program! This program is ideal for maintaining a high level of performance and conditioning throughout the summer. Sessions are once a week and will focus on proper skating technique, edge control, explosive foot speed, agility, endurance, puck control and shooting.

JR/SR Rep Prep Camp

Our Rep Prep Camp is a five-day program consisting of 2 hours each day. The first hour is spent on skating drills designed for power, explosive starts, stamina, speed and agility. In the second hour, players work on stick handling, passing and puck control. This component is designed to teach the student how to control and pass the puck while in motion at high speed. Additionally, a critical part of our camp is a segment dedicated to resistance training. Furthermore, the last hour will focus on shooting as each shot will be demonstrated in detail. Players will have a ten-minute break between sessions.

Skills and Drills Camp

This one-week program of 1.5 hour sessions is aimed at advanced-level skaters. The sessions will be focused on edge control, active hips, smooth transitions and explosive power. This program is aimed at players who want to be pushed even harder and take their skating to the next level. These sessions will be demanding of players; those that register must come to the rink well prepared and ready to leave it all on the ice.