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Two Way Hockey School is a professional hockey training program that has built a solid reputation of success as one of the top hockey training schools in British Columbia since 1969.

Here at Two Way Hockey School, we’ve produced elite level rep players, academy, major midget, junior, college, Olympic, and NHL players throughout our years. Do you want to take your game to the next level?

What We Train

At Two Way Hockey School we offer training at the highest level focusing on skills such as puck protection, shooting in stride, edge control and many more. Click below for a detailed overview of our current training camps.

Puck Control




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Why us?

Skills to compete at the highest Level

The game is only getting faster and more competitive. This puts added emphasis on a player’s conditioning, skating ability, speed and puck handling skills.

At Two Way Hockey School we give up-and-coming as well as elite players the skills needed to compete at the highest level possible. 

We look forward to continuing the winning tradition at Two Way Hockey School and helping your child become the best player they can be.


What People Say
About Us

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"I attended Two Way Hockey at the age of 5 for my first year. Throughout the next 8 years of progression in the camp, I was taught lifelong hockey skills that are still a part of my game to this day. The Two Way coaches had expectations for the players to be playing with high intensity, and always preached to work hard. When doing drills, paying attention to detail in execution was crucial to having success. Furthermore, they care about their players at the camp on and off the ice. The Campbell’s have shown up to many of my minor hockey games, along with some of my games in the WHL. My experience with two way hockey has built a solid foundation for me to further develop fundamental skills and improve as a player."
Trevor Wong
Kelowna Rockets #8
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"Four years ago, we discovered Brian and Ryan Campbell’s Two Way Hockey School. You can spend a lot of time, effort, and money looking for the right fit for your player’s hockey development – but look no further!! Their sessions always strive to get the best out of your player by pushing them just enough beyond their ‘comfort zone’ to excel and grow as a hockey player and young adult. Brian and Ryan are very generous with their time and know what it takes to advance your player to the next level."
Dave Van Hoeke
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"Brian and Ryan are amazing! Such great people who care about their students! Our son loves being on the ice with them and his confidence has increased thanks to them. We are so grateful to them as our son has anxiety and he has been able to learn and grow in an unbelievable environment."
Miguel Santos
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"I have known Brian and Ryan for over 15 years and from my sons first camp in 2005 to today, two-way hockey instills passion for the game, a high work ethic, teamwork, discipline and a focus on the details. Beyond these values, Brian and Ryan teach with the highest level of integrity and everything starts with the basics of skating, edge work, technical skills that are certain to be the foundation for rest of each players growth. Brian and as a consequence of holding ryan to the same standards has never coached for the financial profits that is so common in today’s environment. Brian and Ryan do it for the love of the game and as the game has given so much to them they have a strong propensity to give what the game gave to them. Two-Way hockey has been a journey of excellence and the encouragement, positive feedback and dedication both give to each player is the gold standard."
Scott Freeman
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"Two Way Hockey camps are among the best we have seen around the Lower Mainland and they have really helped my son’s game – from Novice through to Pee Wee. The Campbells focus on the key elements a junior player needs to master in order to get to the next level. Brian’s drills and Ryan’s demos heavily emphasize edge work and make the kids work hard, pay attention to the details, and get out of their comfort zone."
Richard Schwartz
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"My Bertsch boys have been skating with Two Way hockey for almost 6 years. Brian and Ryan are amazing coaches they helped strengthen my boys Edge Control and worked on Explosive Acceleration to achieve their quick feet, speed and agility. My boys gained more confidence and were ready to take their skills to a new level of game play."
Joanne Bertsch